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Fleet and Family Support Center

Your personal life affects the operational readiness of the Navy, so naturally the Fleet and Family Support Center wants you to get the best from yourself. FFSC programs are aimed at making life in the Navy more meaningful and productive. Single people and married persons, from E-1s through Admirals, are all receiving FFSC services right now.

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Navy Voting

The Navy Voting Assistance Program (NVAP) provides voting assistance to all Department of the Navy personnel and their families around the world.

The NVAP ensures that all Navy personnel receive timely and accurate information regarding state and federal elections through all communications means available, 24-hours a day.

If you have any questions about absentee voting, voter registration, upcoming elections or anything else related to voting, the best place to start is with your command Voting Assistance Officer or the Federal Voting Assistance Program website. The Federal voting Assistance Program's website ( is a one-stop-shop for all things voting related. The Federal Voting Assistance Program is the Department of Defense agency responsible for making sure that absentee voters can easily exercise their right to vote.


Online Voting Assistant:

Voting Assistance Guide:

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Pet Care

The NAS Jax Veterinary Treatment Facility is managed by the Army Veterinary Service. The clinic offers veterinary preventive services, including new puppy/kitten vaccines and health certificates, routine pet immunizations, testing for intestinal parasites/heartworms, medical management of obesity, arthritis and allergies, and minor sick call appointments.

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Housing for Families

The HSC is ready to help all families assigned to NAS Jacksonville find suitable and affordable housing.

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Housing for Unaccompanied Personnel

Unaccompanied personnel reporting to Jacksonville have a number of excellent on base housing choices. Unaccompanied Housing (UH) is conveniently located near the center of the base on Saratoga Street allowing immediate access to the main dining facility, chapel, gym, and fitness center.

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Housing Service Center

Our mission is to provide housing support for all of the Warfighters assigned to NAS Jacksonville and their accompanying family members. Our goal is to help our customers locate suitable and affordable housing whether they are unaccompanied or with a family.

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Navy Exchange

The Navy Exchange Main Store Complex consolidates almost all retail and service locations into one. Services include the barber/beauty shop, optical shop, flower shop, uniform/tailor shop and personalized services, which offers Western Union and FedEx. A food court offers a variety of food choices.

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The commissary is a modern supermarket carrying a full line of food, beverage and household items. In addition to a wide range of grocery items, the commissary also offers a deli/bakery and fresh fish market. The commissary carries more than 20,000 items and has 24 registers.

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