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Aircraft Information

The Jax Navy Flying Club currently maintains a fleet of 3 aircraft including: Piper 140, Piper 180, and a Piper Arrow.

Rental Rates

  • PA-28-140  $125/Hour
  • PA-28-180  $135/hour
  • PA-28R-200  $150/Hour
  • BATD SIM  Free to Membership
  • Instructor  $35/Hour

All aircraft rentals include fuel.  Cross country fuel reimbursed at $3.22 per gallon.

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Jax Navy Flying Club

The Jax Navy Flying Club (JNFC) offers courses in private aircraft instruction for personal enjoyment to a certified flight instructor. The JFNC offers services in aircraft checkouts, flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks, and recurrent training in areas requested by club members.

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New Member Information

The Jax Navy Flying Club is a sponsored club and all members must meet specific requirements. Members of the JNFC must be active duty military, active reserve, retired military, military family members, Civil Air Patrol (active member) or DoD employees.

New members must submit a completed application, copy of a government issued I.D., provide a signed Covenant Not to Sue and military service verification/Civil Air Patrol/Other qualification to meet membership requirements.  Application package must also include a payment for 3-months advance dues and annual insurance payment deductible totaling $150.00 (3 months at $40 each and $30 annual insurance deductible payment none refundable). Monthly dues will be $40 after the 3 month introduction period.

Other TSA requirements include proof of medical certificate, original passport or birth certificate to show citizenship.

Documents available for download:

JNFC Membership Application

JNFC Cov Not to Sue

JNFC Course Rules KNIP Flights

JNFC Course Rules Exam


SOP Closed Book Exam

NASJAXINST 1710.22B JNFC Program

Closed Tower Ops Memo

NASJAXINST 3710-5g Closed Tower Ops




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Safety Meetings

Members are required to attend safety meetings in order to remain current to fly club aircraft.  Meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Saturday of the month at the club’s classroom, 2nd floor of the Hobby Shop at NAS Jacksonville. Members can make up safety meetings by reviewing the minutes of the meetings and watching a summary video for each meeting.

JNFC Safety Stand Down – November 2016

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