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Jax Navy Flying Club

The Jax Navy Flying Club (JNFC) is located aboard NAS Jacksonville in Bldg. 847A. JNFC offers courses in private aircraft instruction for personal enjoyment to a certified flight instructor. The club offers introductory flights, aircraft rentals for local and cross-country flights as well as pilot training for certifications including: Private Pilot, IFR, Commercial, and Instructor ratings. The club is constantly looking to increase its fleet of aircraft to support the membership. The JNFC offers services in aircraft checkouts, aircraft rentals (including cross country), flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks, and recurrent training in areas requested by club members. Both aircraft and instructors can be scheduled by clicking here.

Courses Offered

Private Pilot Certificate 1
For those interested in the recreational and travel aspects of "fair weather" general aviation flying.

Commercial Pilot Certificate 2
Allows a pilot to be paid or compensated for some operations in general aviation, such as check hauling, power/ pipe line patrol, banner towing, corporate flying, etc.

Instrument Rating 2
Adding an instrument rating to a private or commercial certificate will allow that pilot to fly in weather with flight solely with reference to instruments. Thus, increasing the versatility of the pilot.

Airline Transport Rating (ATP) 2
An ATP is for those pilots seeking a career with an air carrier. This rating holds the pilot to the strictest of standards.

Certified Flight Instructor 2
Become a teacher. This course will teach you the fundamentals of instruction and prepare you for a job as a flight instructor. Many use this rating as an opportunity for advancement to more prestigious flying goals. Others use this rating as a hobby and pass on information to new and aspiring pilots.


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