Tickets & Travel Office

Policy Guidance Extension for Identification Card Operations for COVID-19:

The Under Secretary of Defense has released a memorandum in reference to expired ID cards for retirees and dependents. Expired IDs will be valid through June 2021. The Tickets and Travel Office is presently reaching out to the local and surrounding attractions (Walt Disney World, Islands of Adventure/Universal, Busch Gardens, etc.) to make them aware of this new directive. Please click here to read the memorandum.

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Navy Community Recreation's Tickets and Travel Office is conveniently located in front of the Navy Exchange in Bldg. 953-A on Enterprise Avenue. This office offers discount tickets for special events, local and national attractions, hotel information and cruise/vacation bookings. Regional brochures, information and other special services are also available. Military, Retired, Dependents, DoD civilians and all MWR authorized patrons can use the services provided here. VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

Price sheets and information change frequently. Please e-mail the Ticket and Travel Office directly at for a current list of available tickets and prices or stop by the ticket office.